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Swype Keyboard Trial is a keyboard for Android that allows you to substitute the traditional Google keyboard on your device for a keyboard that you can personalize and adapt to all of your needs.

Swype Keyboard includes a number of features that make it so that it adapts perfectly to the way that each person writes. The most striking feature is the one that predicts the following word. This is a feature where Swype Keyboard starts predicting the word that you will write next after you have been using the app for a little while.

Other very interesting features include one that allows you to personalize the keyboard by re-distributing the keys to the sides of the screen instead of placing them at the bottom. In addition, you can type in two languages at a time. That is to say, you can activate two languages at a time and Swype Keyboard will recognize both of them.

Swype Keyboard is one of the most popular 'intelligent keyboards' available for Android, for many reasons. Its many features and, above all, the quality of those features, make it so that those who try it don't want to stop using it.

This version of the app only works for a month.


Requires Android 2.2 or later.

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